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    1) Be nice to others- Simple enough.

    2) No spamming/scamming- Come on now, let's grow up.

    3) Only post in relevant areas.

    4) If bad words offend you, oh well. Curse as you will, but in moderation Smile We're all adults, not like we haven't heard it before!

    5) Please report any scams.

    6) If you're listing an item for sale, you MUST own it. No dumbasses are allowed in this forum.

    7) No posting of affiliate links/products, ebooks, etc. This is a marketplace- If you want to list your own ebook, I can create a thread specifically for it- but there will be a charge for these threads.

    8- You MAY share free ebooks, but be sure to virus scan them.

    9) Buy, sell, and trade at your own risk. If it sounds to good to be true, THEN, maybe it is! Use your noggin, and stay smart. This forum is not liable for any exchanges between users- we simply provide a place for buyers and sellers to meet one another.

    10) Invite your friends and let them know about this forum. Just don't tell Zuckerburg! lol!
    ..... Zuckerburg can rot in hell. Twisted Evil

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